We make storing your items easy here at Ballina Self Storage. We offer all the essential packing supplies you’ll need to make storing your items a breeze, from boxes, bubble wrap to tape, padlocks and moving blankets.

Box “2nd Hand”
Box “Archive”
Box “Book and Wine”
Box “Bottle Insert”
Box “Kitchen Box”
Box “Knives”
Box “Lay Flat Inserts”
Box “Lay Flat Wine”
Box “Map/Plan”
Box “Mini robe”
Box “Picture/Mirror”
Box “Porta Robe”
Box “Robe Rail”

Box “Safe Spot”
Box “Tea Chest”
Box “TV Box Inserts”
Box “TV Box Lrg”
Box “TV Box Medium”
Box “TV Box Strap”
Box “TV Cover”
Bag “Vacuum Lrg”
Bag “Vacuum Sml” 2 Pack
Bag “Zippered”
Bag of Glass Socks (24)
Bubble Wrap: 1500mm & 750mm
Butchers Paper Lge 50 Sheets

Sharpie Marking Pen
Tape Dispenser
Regular Packing Tape
Fragile Packing Tape
Fragile Stickers
Mattress Covers: Single, Queen & King
Dining Chair, 3 Seater Lounge & Single/Double Lounge Covers
Padlocks: 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 63mm, 75mm (Brass)
Padlock Disc: 80mm Stainless Steel
Removalist Blankets (Heavy Duty)
Roller Door Seals
Rope: 10m